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      In the construction industry, time is money. The more time it takes to complete a project, the more money that is lost due to the owner’s inability to begin using the facility. It stands to reason that the faster the building is up, the better.
      So, why would someone ask a contractor to slow down?
      The answer is that the contractor was working faster than the other trades — a lot faster. “We have a track record that we finish our work before the deadline,”
says Mukesh “Mike” Thakkar. We have been known as gangbusters in the market, and general contractors love doing work with us.”

What is AMCO?
      The “us” is AMCO Enterprises, Inc. a Kenilworth, N.J., company specializing in heating and air conditioning contracting. It was founded in 1990, incorporated in 1992 and has made a lasting impression with each passing
year. AMCO has been a part of numerous prominent projects during the years. Recently, AMCO was involved on the John F. Kennedy High School in Paterson, N.J., and the Belmont-Runyon High School in Newark, N.J.
      AMCO’s 52-person staff has been able to complete some of the most demanding projects, due, in part, to a 10,000-square-foot metal shop. It allows the union workers to fabricate all the sheet metal for ductwork with computer-aided precision. But ductwork is only one of the total service options provided by AMCO.

What does AMCO do?
      “We sell, install and service HVAC systems, including ductwork piping,” says Thakkar. “We are a complete mechanical contractor, except for plumbing. We do all our own sheet metal, our own sheet metal installation, pipe fitting installation and complete balancing. We have 35 technicians who can work on the HVAC system and report on it. We have all services under one roof.”
      AMCO’s ability to perform all the work in-house means a lot to the client. It means that one company is responsible for every facet of the HVAC system. “We have all our own manpower under one roof; the only thing we subcontract out is control,” explains Thakkar. “This gives us much better leverage than other contractors that don’t do pipefitting and don’t do sheet metal. We do both.”
      If something happens to go wrong, there won’t be any finger pointing. There can’t be any finger pointing. It also means that there is going to be one source of information regarding the HVAC system. “We have a professional engineer on board who does quality control on every project,” adds Thakkar. “Ninety percent of contractors do not have that kind of leverage. We are currently certified in the state of New Jersey for $15 million, and expecting to go up to $25 million. After that certification, we will be in the top ten HVAC contractors certified by the state
of New Jersey. Presently, we are in the top 30 for sure.”
      The wellspring of security won’t run dry after the project is completed, either. The people who installed the system are the same people that can service it. Who
better to take care of something than someone who knows it inside and out?

How does it work?
      So how does AMCO put its services to work for you?   “We pick up the predesigned drawings & specs and work out turnkey HVAC systems for the facility,” says Thakkar.  “We will then submit our bids and negotiate with the owner or the general contractor, whoever we’re dealing with. Turnkey systems including installation, fabrication, coordination and balancing the system, is all under one roof. Our client gets a complete HVAC system from one source.”
      Putting AMCO on the job also presents an additional opportunity for cost savings. AMCO’s expertise in heating and air conditioning gives the client another chance to get the maximum efficiency with the system. While it doesn’t create the initial design, AMCO does find ways to enhance a system or come up with a better system. “We present the client with the best solutions,” Thakkar explains. “We know if it is doable or not, and we have our own engineering staff, so we can even modify the design of the whole system. We will present a proposal to the client that will save time and money and perform as well as, or better than, the originally designed system. Additionally, it can sometimes be completed sooner than the originally planned system. Saving time saves money for the client.”

AMCO is the right fit
AMCO works on a wide variety of project types to work on. Says. Thakkar, “We do both new construction and renovation. The majority of our clients are schools, universities, colleges, municipalities, or any federal or state government facility. We also do work in the pharmaceutical market, and we are getting into hospitals and health care.” Clients can rely on AMCO to be up for the task no matter what new challenge awaits.
      Working on a wide range of project types opens the doors for long-term relationships between AMCO and its clients. AMCO is brought in time and again to help save money, through either suggesting a more efficient system or through its sheer speed. In the end, AMCO believes that the work is all about serving the client in the best way possible. Usually, that means getting the job done right and done fast.

— Corporate Profile

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